Saturday, August 01, 2009

Custard Pies!

If you ever want to get rid of pent up aggression in a safe(ish!) environment then organise a custard pie fight!

This event was organised to help Childrens Hospice Southwest here in Barnstaple. They'd also had a sponsored 24 hour space hopper-thon going on since the previous evening. Can you imagine how hard that would have been? Hope lots of money has been raised!

Before they got too mucky!

Emilia's school organised two sports days this year but unfortunately the weather wasn't playing fair and they only managed one. Emilia loves sports, she puts 100% into everything she tries and always enjoys herself. The teacher who was running the event below was brilliant, really good at keeping the childrens' attention as well as making them laugh. I hope he's still teaching when Emilia is in year 6.

Giggking away because of the way she threw the ball :o)

Cheering on the team 'Go Reds!'
On Saturday 18th July, Pilton held its yearly street festival. I love this day, it's how I imagine Glastonbury to have been in the early days. (In fact isn't Glastonbury held in a village called Pilton?). Mum and I were meant to have been spinning in the Rotary Gardens but I was told Sullivan had Swine Flu on the thursday before the festival and couldn't let Mum come down. Sullivan then sprouted two new teeth - little monkey!
It turned out fine though as I met a friend who had a gazebo in the gardens, she was making felt and her friend was making beautiful hand embroidered owl cushions. They let me join them and I had a fun afternoon answering all sorts of questions about spinning including whether I had spun cat fur as this couple had been keeping the combings from their cat...

We were in the parade for the third year, Sullivan slept through most of it, even the loud drumming couldn't keep him awake!

My next post may include some knitting or even some spinning!


picperfic said...

Good old Maddie loving tomatoes!

What a happy messy fun time you had! See you soon xx

picperfic said...

I just wanted to tell you that the word verification says 'wayelly' and I like it hahah