Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rubbish Blogger

Facebook appears to have ruined my blogging, as well as my housework and creative time. I'm going to limit myself to 15 minutes a day from now on and hopefully I'll get more done. I'm feeling quite unproductive at the moment.

Maddie had her sports day last wednesday, they all did really well. As well as the team events they have a few running races. Maddie came 2nd in hers which is way better than I could ever have hoped to have done even though I was 'a natural athlete'! fnar fnar!
On thursday we drove down to Weymouth for a camping trip and the Weymouth Gig club Regatta on the saturday. This trip was fated from the start! The van did us proud until we got to the camp site and then the gears/clutch packed up so we decided to camp where we had to stop lol! We unpacked the van, found the tent and then started to pitch it.

My darling husband looked a bit purplexed when unpacking the tent. He'd forgotten that when we packed the tent away last time he'd decided not to pack the tent poles in with the tent...

Luckily the campsite had a whole load of tent poles that had been left behind which they let us borrow and we managed to cobble something together!

This is the reason for the camping trip - Gig Rowing . Jez is a member of the Ilfracombe team and we have had a great year so far travelling around the west coast of England for different Regattas. The children and I don't go to all of the regattas but the ones we have been to are great fun for all ages, the social-ness of them is wonderful!

Whilst Jez was rowing my dear friend S and her lovely family drove up to see us. It was wonderful to see them again if a little wet! (A LOT WET!) I can't believe how much her sweet daughter is growing up and I love how our 3 girls all get along so well :o)

Here's Dion and Sullivan, Dion is another member of the Ilfracombe along with his gorgeous girlfriend Jules. They camped with us at Osmington Mills, having recommended it to us.

When we got back on Saturday evening a couple of our sleeping bags had got wet so we decided to pack up and come home. Dion and Jules stayed on and said they had to move their tent at 2am because of the howling wind. Blooming weather!

On Sunday we went to the Big Sheep in Bideford, they've got these new trampolines called Pillows which are huge inflatable, erm, well, pillows! Great fun!

I have been knitting, and sewing too but I have no photo's of that.

This is Emilia's Adipose. Jez printed the pattern before Mazzmatazz had to take it off her site. Lovely pattern, cute little critter. Made in Rowan Soft Lux.

Sullivan adores In the Night Garden and Makka Pakka is his favourite. This is crocheted from an online free pattern. I can't remember from where but it is in my Ravelry list so I will credit her when I get back from school. I adjusted the head a little as it didn't quite look right and used buttons for the eyes as my embroidery skills are quite rubbish!

This is Sullivan (again) in his Humbug Hoody. This has become a summer staple and will probably fit him next year! Rowan Luxury cotton (I think), from RYC Mother and Baby.

Well, I have to get the girls home from school now. I hope it doesn't rain again! No promises to blog again soon as I'll only break my promise and then you'll hate me! HA!


Susanna said...

thank goodness for spare tent poles! Sounds like you had a great time regardless. I love all your knitting stuff- you are so clever

picperfic said...

well you certainly have been busy since your last post! Look at Sullivan't gorgeous blonde hair! He looks so yummy in that jumper. Aren't those pillows a good idea. Can't wait to see you all again xx