Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Play number 1!

Maddie was in her first school Christmas play today, the majority of the production is carried out by years 1 and 2 but reception took to the stage to sing and sign Jingle Bells. I didn't know she was doing this so I was very glad I took my camera! She was very tearful before and afterwards although she thoroughly enjoyed herself during the play. I think Christmas excitement is starting to take its toll :)
Sorry for the red eye in the above photo, forgot to edit before I uploaded it. You can see how tired she is looking in the video below.
Emilia has her Christingle Service this afternoon, not sure if she has a role or is just singing with the rest of the school. I love all these school things in the run up to Christmas, they are so special.

We've had another issue with Emilia's school. Bearing in mind that she is only 7, she brought home a reading book last week that was dealing with kissing, ending up pregnant and going to the family planning clinic at age 12. I was not happy. The school have apologised and the book has been reclassified both by the school library and the town library. Poor Emilia was really enjoying the book because it was written in diary form and was set in December. She's back to Clarice Bean and Malory Towers now. We want to keep our children as innocent as we can for as long as possible!


picperfic said...

Aww...I miss not going to these little Christmas 'do's'...poor Maddie does look so tired but I'm so glad you posted it. You are having such a trial with Emilia's school lately, they would appear to be on another planet, which is not good when Emilia is in a world of her own!

Sarah said...

Nice to hear from you! Can't believe Sullivan is now one! Do you remember our conversation about migraines in Boston Tea Party about 21 months ago?? lol

Agree about the book not being suitable. If it's just one niggle about the schools then it's fine, but I guess you're having lots of probs? :(

Thimbleanna said...

What an adorable video! Maddie looks so cute doing her signs. And is that little Sullivan I can hear in the background?

Batty said...

Awwww, that is so wonderful! She's fabulous.

About the book... I do believe it's important to get those messages to kids before they hit puberty, but 7? That's way too young. And she shouldn't be finding out by herself, from a book. She should be finding out from you, possibly with the help of a book of your choosing. I understand why you're upset. I would be too.