Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Above - Maddie and her friend had a rainbow birthday party, all the children dressed in their favourite colours and had a wonderful time.

It's been so busy here, Sullivan has turned one, Maddie has turned 5. Emilia has been slowly settling into her new school and I've been trying (and failing!) to keep a tidy home.

Christmas is almost here and we are so excited this year as we are travelling up to stay with Mum and Barry in their new home. We haven't had Christmas day with mum for years so this year is extra special :)

Oh Blimey, young Sullivan has just woken up so I had better go and sort him out.


picperfic said...

h how delicious. both photo and the video, we can't to see you all, it seems forever since we last clapped eyes on each other!

picperfic said...

I want to scrum Emelia up! I love her xxxx every time I watch this video I smile. 11 more sleeps!

Lin said...

Lovely! have fun at christmas.