Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas plays 2 and 3!

I've been making some presents...YUM!
We made star biscuits for the girls teachers, fairy cakes for Millie's friends and frangipane mince pies for breastfeeding group. Mum said that Barry took frangipane mince pies to work today - must be on the same Christmas wavelength! I've got two stockings to make tonight and then I think I am ready...maybe? I'm not sure!
Millie's school play was called ' Christmas around the World' and was very very good!
Maddie was an angel in the school church nativity.
Last day of school today, Hooray. I'm going to put my silver deely-boppers on and go to the girls now. Happy Happy Christmas!


Lin said...

Lovely gifts ... the Cranberry vodka looks particulary nice!

picperfic said...

You have done a grand job...I wish I had seen you with your silver deely boppers on (whatever they are!) We are over excited here, think we need a slap and a hot water bottle to calm us down!

picperfic said... those videos...OLE!!

Batty said...

How cute can you get? They're adorable.

Cranberry vodka... yum!