Friday, November 09, 2007

I've been doing this

Both sides are the same length despite what the picture shows!

and this , my first EZ project and I loved every minute of it. I will get a better picture tonight but the camera battery has just died :(
and loads of this....

Saw the midwife today, baby is fine - really active but I could have told her that! However baby is engaged! I can't find my old notes from the girls but I am sure they didn't engage until I was induced. Hopefully this baby will make an appearance this weekend, preferably tomorrow afternoon after the girls have finished all their weekend classes.
Baby's heartrate has been a steady 140-150 every time I've seen the midwife, what would old wives tales say about that?
So, will I have time to blog again before baby arrives? Watch this space!


picperfic said...

I'll bring my pink knitting with me!! Love those longies...they are meant to go with the february sweater? I cannot knit fast enough! Have a good weekend and let's hope this baby understands your weekend routine ~ XXX

picperfic said...

oh and your cardi looks gorgeous! clever you!

maryannlucy said...

Goodness, that cardi is gorgeous, and the leggings are so cute.
Hope things go well this weekend. Our thoughts will be with you, and we look forward to hearing how you get on.
Good luck x

Batty said...

Fabulous knitting!

I'm sending come out, baby, come out vibes.