Thursday, November 15, 2007

In case you were wondering *edited and updated*

*Sorry about my moanish diatribe earlier!

Here's a couple of FO's from this week, a sari silk bag for keys, purse and phone and a pair of felted slipper socks for Maddie. Emilia's are otn, I've finished 1 and should get the other one done this evening.

Remember my moan about the crib? Well as the picture about shows, my clever DH did it. He made a base for the crib and we managed to put the 2 ends together to make it all dinky and cute. Come on baby, it'll be comfy!
Feeling better now :)*

Baby still hasn't arrived.

I am exceedingly fed up, incredibly achy and fed up of wobbling like a blundering elephant when I walk.

Only 2 days past due date today but it is enough.

Send me some baby eviction thoughts please. We are all in limbo here, the girls are playing up as they are unable to see past 'when the baby comes'. I can't plan anything and at this rate I can see Mum being here for a week next week with no baby to play with. Not that is a problem, but you will come back again in December won't you Mum?

I really don't want to walk to school and face all the comments this morning, I just want to hide.

Grr, trust me to be a slow cooker.


picperfic said...

big hug....why do people do that? I think your baby might be waiting for me to arrive so I can be there at the actual event? Actually, time has flown for me really, you seem to have grown this baby by magic! See you soon honey xxxx

peri said...

Big {{{{hugs}}}} but not too squeezy - it's a bummer when the baby won't pop! J kept me waiting 2 weeks.

*closes eyes tight shut - concentrates really hard* sending pop the baby out vibes in a SW direction to Ali :-D

Seriously - thinking of you all.


maryannlucy said...

I was hoping for piccies of girls and baby - though I love the term slow-cooker, and there was me just putting it down to DD being lazy
Baby come out vibes heading your way - but maybe your mum is right, although it may be a few more days,, wouldsn't it be lovely if the timing was spot on...take care, and hope all happens soon (((((hugs)))))

picperfic said...

oh pooh about the slippers! I'm still making some though...deffo keep them for Christmas presents after all, a girl can't have too many felted slippers eh? xx lol

I was meant to send you 'get me out of here' vibes but I sent you the 'make some felted slippers' vibe instead...sorry! Confused in Cambridge...xx

Batty said...

Dear Baby,

Get outta there! It's time. I know you don't want to grow up and go to work, but really, staying in there is not an option.

Person who can see you're peeking!

Jo said...

Sending you all the evacuate this space vibes I can generate, hope it all goes swimmingly, just as a third child should!

Knittypants said...

The cradle is beautiful. I hope you have a little one to fill it now, being overdue is not fun at all. (hugs)

gourdongirl said...

Is it here yet?........well is it? It's now the it should be........Is it?


Anita said...

Hope that you are all doing well - those last few days do seem to go on forever, don't they?!

Thinking of you.

A x

Penny Karma said...

Just saw your coffeeshop post - we can't wait to see pictures of Sullivan George!


Hey dude, I am back in blogworld and see that I have been missing lots of action! I hope you and baby are OK and look forward to reading more posts from you as soon as you feel up to it. Hugs.

TutleyMutley said...

Just heard from the Ravelry grapevine that you've had your babe and want to pass on my congratulations - HUGS, mwah, mwah.
Hope that baby is happy in the new crib - but bet he/she (don't know what flavour!) prefers you or Daddy???