Friday, November 02, 2007

Look what I wore to school on Hallowe'en!

Mum sent E&M a pair of the wonderful spider and web socks each. Emilia wore hers to school today, they are so beautiful and now the sun has come out she'll enjoy seeing them sparkle in the playground :) They have been invited to a Halloween tea party this afternoon so both girls will be wearing their socks later.

Mum also sent 3 pairs of yummy socks for Herbert. I can't wait to show you all pictures of them being worn!

Here are a couple of hats made over the last few days, the garter stitch one is knitted side to side and the stocking stitch one is knit bottom up. I used some koolaid dyed yarn for the garter one and Colinette prism for the purple one.
I apologise for my lack of wordage in my recent posts. My internet connection isn’t great at the moment and I am so tired too! My iron level won’t come up although I’m taking as much supplements as I can. I’m eating more iron rich food too. Guess what…only 12 days until my due date!

DH discovered a problem with our cot last night, we have a Stokke sleepi and were hoping to turn it into the mini cot (I’ve already bought the mattress). When DH got the cot down from the loft we realized that we need a mini cot kit so I tried to buy one online. No Luck. Emailed Stokke and have been told that it’s been discontinued but they can sell us one for £119. BUT, only if we have a new style Sleepi, I think we have the old style one L so what do we do? DH is going to put his creative head on and make a base for the crib…watch this space! He’s a clever man so I don’t see there being any problem.

So, this is me now, at 38 weeks. Can’t wait to be snuggling this baby!


picperfic said...

that baby looks like it has turned round! Love the photos of the socks too...and those hats. It's lovely to sit and knit and grow a baby! Grandma is asleep for five minutes....ahhhhh

maryannlucy said...

those socks are lovely, I am sure the girls love them, and they were the talk of the playground. Look at you, goodness me, you can't really have 2 weeks to go can you?? Not long now, take care, and keep us up to date ;)

Batty said...

I have that pattern too, and yours look great. So do the hats, and your big WIP... I'm not experienced at this sort of thing, but yes, it looks almost done to me too. : )

gourdongirl said...

WOW, I love the sox.

Bummer about the crib, hope DH solves the problem.

Looking forward to seeing pix of your new bundle of joy when they arrive.