Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lotsa Knits!

Here you all are, the promised pictures of my latest makes, I'm on Dh's laptop and he doesn't have any editing software so I haven't been able to crop the pictures. I've posted them as small images but please click on them so you can see them better :)
This is the Amy Butler ditty bag and I absolutely adore it. It took about 2 hours to sew and about 45 minutes to cut out. It's perfect for Emilia's Forever Best Friends and Bratz dolls. Barbie will be getting a bag too!

Here's my youngest ballerina in her new ballet clothes, she's meant to be wearing 'proper' uniform but that would cost £50!!! I think little girls of 3 should be allowed to dress like a ballerina princess if they want to :) Emilia has her show soon, it's costing a fortune! We have to pay £45 for the 2 costumes, we get £20 back but no costumes after the show which I am appalled at. Last week they told me I needed to get her some white tap shoes for the show even though I'd just bought black ones (which is the colour for her tap uniform). AAARRRGGHHH! I found some second hand ones on eBay for £1.99 which do the trick, but aarrggghhh all the same! It's a good job she loves her dancing, her teacher says she is getting on really well this term, remembering all the steps for the show etc. Well done Emilia xxx

Do you like my funky changing bag? I subscribed to my favourite baby/child magazine - Junior - earlier in the month and this bag was a gift for the first 75 subscribers, I didn't believe that I would get one so I was over the moon when it arrived yesterday. I've not had a proper changing bag before, just the free one from the Huggies club! This one is made by Pink Lining and retails between £55 and £75! I'd never buy one in a million years! Exclamation mark!

I made up the pattern for this baby hat, I put the green leaves in using fair isle and it puckers a bit, I'm going to make another one using intarsia and see if it works better.
Another pinwheel blanket, this time in King Cole Aero super chunky. It's about 29" in diameter, perfect cot, pram size. I'm putting this one on Etsy.

This is my oldest WIP, now my newest FO!. I was full of grand ideas to make the Flower Power throw from Debbie Abrahams' Blankets and Throws to Knit but got bored so I stitched the squares I had made together, did a moss stitch border and then backed it with a lovely heavy but soft checky cotton which hides my dodgy intarsia ends. It's got a wonderful weight to it and I can't wait to use it :)

This baby is still back to back no matter how much time I spend on my hands and knees. My poor tummy feels so bruised from all the kicking and pushing. I can't wait to meet this fidgety little herbert! I've been weighing myself once a fortnight just to keep track of things, I've put on 22lbs so far which seems quite good, hopefully I won't put on too much more in the next 6 weeks or so.

Well, take care everyone and I hope to hear from you soon :)


maryannlucy said...

you are sooooo busy - is it nesting? ;-) glad to hear you are well, despite your little "herbert" - great name! Say hi to all x

CG said...

I love your pinwheel blanket - where could I find a pattern for it?

picperfic said...

oh Ali! You poor thing with a little 'Herbert' using you as a punchbag! You need Aunty Lizzy to twiddle your toes! I love that Amy Butler bag and the hat and the blanket. How wonderful to get that changing bag too, lucky you! Can't wait to see you on Friday