Monday, October 01, 2007

Can you believe it is October already?

Darling Maisie cuddling a few hours old Madeleine on 25 November 2003.

This year has gone so fast, It only seems five minutes ago that I found out I am expecting baby #3! We seem to have been really busy but not achieved much although things are moving ahead now.

I haven't got much to say today, feeling very tired and low :( I seem to be able to have a busy day but then pay for it the next.
Off now as I don't want to slide into a woe is me post :P


picperfic said...

a very precious photo...i feel a bit emotional remembering the hours leading up to you giving birth....! times have changed for us all since then....for the better! xx

maryannlucy said...

How can you say that you have not been busy! You have been turning out finished objects like there is no tomorrow; knitted, sewn and if I am not very much mistaken, crocheted. They are all fab and I covert your have suffered migraines, pain and had some low days yet all this whilst continuing to manage a family and all that that entails, AND look after 2 delightful girls. You put me to shame! Be proud of what you have achieved - you are inspirational. (You are also a fab SP ;-) )
You have also updated your blog - it looks great...take care Honey x

picperfic said...

oh and well done on winning the prize on Kerrie's blog! Emilia indeed, such a beautiful name!

maryannlucy said...

Thank you for your comments - it really is no more than you deserve ;-)
The blog change colour was inspired by you,a nd it had to go orange as it is October!
I will stalk the postman tomorrow - can't wait. I love Miffy.