Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No knits!

I have been knitting though, I've finished a chunky baby cardi in grey blue Rowan big wool fusion, a pumpkin baby hat, a bullseye red, white and blue pinwheel blanket and I have 1 sleeve and the hood to finish on the stripy cardigan for me.

I've started crocheting a Hallowe'en wreath too. Photos at another point as I am on DH's laptop and all the photos are on the pc upstairs.

Mum and Barry are coming to visit next weekend which is great, We've not seen them for a while and I do miss my mum!

Dh is decorating the front room at the moment, all cream walls apart from the one opposite the window which is a semi bitter chocolate colour that echoes the blind material which is chocolate with cream and pink velvet flowers. Looks better than it sounds! I got a bargain on Ebay, a 20m roll of blackout lining for only £47.90 which works out at about £2.40 a metre!

What else can I tell you? Hmm, I'm 33 weeks now and baby is still doing aerobics every minute, especially when I'm driving! It's still head down thank goodness but my poor ribs are suffering. I think I've come out the other side of a bad patch, everything was hurting, topped off by migraines that I couldn't take any medication for. But apart from that I'm feeling good and very positive. Especially as the pushchair and car seat have arrived!

Oh, DH bought me a slow cooker, how did I live without it!? We've had mango and pineapple upside down pudding, lamb casserole, chicken casserole, porridge and last night I cooked a gammon joint in it then glazed it in the oven - yum ! I put a little brown sugar in the cooking water, along with bay leaves, cloves, and onion and peppercorns. I glazed it with honey and chinese 5 spice powder. It is so tender and sweet, really gorgeous :)

Better be off now, take care everyone,

Ali xxx

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picperfic said...

oh Ali! That photo! It's brilliant! I might have to stage one like it for camera club! Exclamation mark!

We are really looking forward to coming to see you all, it has been far too long since we last saw you!

The decorating sounds lovely, don't go doing too much.