Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Socks

Oh, the joy of handmade socks. Especially if they are made by your Grandma. Both my girls now have a special pair of socks made for them by my mum. I believe she used Regia 6ply for them but if you visit her blog you can find the low down on them as well as some other wonderful things!

I've got a lot to blog as I've not been able to for a while now but I'll save it for tomorrow as my little 'devils' need their tea!


maryannlucy said...

Love the socks - what a fab Grandma! The ones on the left are the same as mine which I knitted about 2 years ago, they are slightly the worse for wear now, but have been lived in, so aren't doing too badly.
Warm and toasty feet!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful socks, I love the colors!
What a nice grandma.

bazza said...

I got some too .... warm and toasty toes!

picperfic said...

aww...what a joy it is to knit socks!! They look so lovely and snuggly...I'll try and find some clear boots for them to wear over them :^)xxx

I must post a photo of Bazza's new socks!

I just had to type in 'kwatled' for the word verification...I wonder what it means??

Poshyarns said...

What lovely gifts from Grandma, handmade socks make you feel loved all over.

Thank you for visiting my blog, how did your Millionaire's Shortbread turn out?

Batty said...

Beautiful, and that picture is so cute! Look at those little feet encased in pure hand-knit grandma love!