Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Days

I received my 3rd wonderful parcel from my Knitty Secret Pal on tuesday - look she even got the post office to print SP on the label ;) Absolutely beautiful packaging, Her DD chose the tissue paper and I just love it! Look what was inside, the complete kit to make a Maud bag from Get Knitted including pattern , yarn - brown sheep Lamb's Pride, 2 pairs of Addi Premiums and the metal handles you felt the yarn over, 2 fantastic wartime Woman's Weekly magazines - these are beautiful and give you such a sense of history and pride in being a woman, butterfly notecards, more fabtastic stickers, sweets - sherbert pips, millions and toffees, Jelly Bellies for DH, a hedgehog for Maddie and a squirrel (still wrapped in this photo) for Millie. We all feel super cherished, thank you so much Penelope Pitstop xxx

I've just started working on Ester from the new Knitty which came out last night. I'm using yarn I bought in New Zealand, JJ's 10ply montage. It's knitting up well but is a little bit scratchy so I'm hoping it'll soften up with a conditioner rinse.

Here are my recent FO's. Fetching from Knitty summer 06 for my Sister-in-Law's birthday. Made in Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk - not quite thick enough for winter gloves but lovely for spring ones. Maddie is modelling her new Polly cardigan from Classic Bambino, made in Debbie Bliss wool cotton. I love it! And for me we have Short and Sweet from The Happy Hooker in Adrienne Vitadini Julia cotton. Busy,busy, busy!
And finally, a little funny from Maddie....
Maddie - "Mummy, there aren't any heights in here are there?"
Me - "Heights? No."
Maddie - "That's good cos Millie is scared of heights."
She must have thought "heights" was a new name for monsters or something!
oh, I'm not sure what happened to my photo of fetching. Mum, can you help?


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Love the short and sweet! Love Maddie's wrap cardigan too! Looks like you've been busy! And alpaca silk Fetchings...yummy!!!

maryannlucy said...

Wow! You're smokin'! Do you have more hours in the day in your part of the world? Are you knitting 24/7?
Beautiful work - I love all of it, but Maddie's is the best, she looks gorgeous.
Waiting for knitty mojo to come my way - just a small amont will do x


Wow, you got three parcels already and it's only the first week of March! I particularly like the black cardi for yourself, it looks like it would be really practical and yet elegant at the same time.

picperfic said...

oooh you have been busy! So many lovely things in that parcel and I can't wait to had a look at those old WWs. I used to have some from Dad's Gran, I loved to read them when I was a bout your age. I remember reading that after a day;s housework it was a good idea to get changed into a pretty dress just before your husband got in from work, remember that they had been out all day working and you have been at home all day with the children. Do your hair and put on some make up and have his slippers ready and don't forget to smile. I used to do all that

Love the little black crochet cardi, I had forgotten about that pattern. Maddie's is gorgeous too. Gld you've got no 'heights' in your house cos I am scared fo them too! xx

picperfic said...

not sure what happened to your photo Ali, think you have got a corrupt file there, if it's still on the memory card try reuploading it, mind you, I can see what it is and most people will know those gloves anyway xxx

Batty said...

Great package!

I am in awe of your crochet skills. I'm still trying to reach beyond the rectangle, which is infinitely harder in crochet than it was in knitting. Your work is beautiful.

Penelope Pitstop said...

Glad you liked your package!
Take care x