Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Phew, I'm tired.

Did you all have a good weekend? I hope so.

Saturday was the usual busy day except DH gave the hallway the first coat of white paint to cover the hideous orange paint that was hiding beneath the equally hideous blue and yellow striped wallpaper. I took Millie to the knitting group in the afternoon and then collapsed in a heap at home!

On sunday I spent the morning tidying up Millie's bedroom and then we went to Woolacombe for a walk, well Dh and the girls went for a walk. I stayed in the car knitting, listening to Radio 2. I can't remember being this tired when I was growing E and M. Hope it goes soon.

Knitting, oh yes knitting. I have got severe startitis and I can't stick at anything! So far I've started Sahara, Ester, a crochet bunny and a pair of socks for DH. Today is being devoted to Sahara.

Yesterday I dyed yarn, 2.5 balls of Patons Diploma Gold DK and 1 ball of Patons Rembrandt. The diploma gold is for socks for DH as he keeps moaning that he never gets made anything. It's not my fault he's 6'3 with size 12 feet is it!

I'm about to upload a few photo's to my photobucket account. These will be of yarn I have to swap or sell. Ideally I'm looking to swap within Europe to keep the postage costs down. I'm after 3 balls of 8 different shades of Rowan All Seasons Cotton, the latest interweave knits, or any of the Rowan RYC range apart from the Silk Aran. The link is now in the sidebar.


picperfic said...

hello you...I can see no reason why you should be tired, you didn't do much over theekend really...and what's this 'when I was growing' business...? Are you trying to tell us something? ;^) Did you dye that first skein? It's so pretty and so is all the other stuff...love you xxx

Rain said...

Your yarns look really pretty, especially the one in the first picture.

With feet that size no wonder you don't often make him socks.

Batty said...

I love both of the yarn pictures. Very nice colors!

It's funny to me that people have startitis. I think I have the opposite. I love looking at patterns, I love knitting, I even love finishing (yeah, I'm weird). But I utterly dislike swatching and casting on. Go figure.