Thursday, February 22, 2007

Homo Sapiens Non Urinat In Ventum

Well, I've not really got much to say. No photos either so I've dug out our Amsterdam pics from last December, I must put them into an online album.

Half term has been hard work this week, I'm still full of cold, sore throat and a cough and to top that off I've been waking up with a sticky eye. Nice. So because of that I'm tired and grumpy, and not being the happy mummy I should be! We had a good day yesterday, even managed a bit of gardening in the front sorting out all the tubs and getting rid of slugs, snails and juicy green caterpillars!

We went to Marks and Spencer for a drink yesterday, both girls love it in their Cafe Revive. I had my usual toffee tart, which is basically banoffee pie without the banana and cream, yum! Millie had the most darling babycino drink. Steamed frothy milk served with marshmallows and a little shortbread biscuit in an espresso cup, she loved it :)

Off to Winchester on saturday to see MIL, she's home now and is feeling much better. Very tired though and I hope she isn;t pushing herself as I know she is prone to doing. I've said that I'll take tea down with us so they don't need to worry about feeding us.

When we get back home, Mum and Barry should be at our house making it smell good with one of their delicious curries :) I'm going to get Mum to highlight my hair for me too, it's awful at the moment and unfortunately I haven;t got £70 lying around to pay a hairdresser!

I'm not dressed yet, nor are the girls but I have done the kitchen, middle room and hallway this morning so I don't feel guilty for not having showered yet!

I am having real trouble with lace at the moment, I just can't seem to get it right. I've started 2 stoles and have mucked them both up. Maybe it is fates way of telling me that I'll never wear them so why make them? Sarakate on knitty has a wonderful blog with a lace handout, (I must put a link to her site) and I am going to follow her instructions to the letter and make some lace dishcloths before I try anything big again.

What a ramble! I said I didn't have anything to say and I've gone on and on, shall I prod you with a knitting needle to wake you up?

Oh, there's more! Maddie has been making me laugh. On tuesday she came upstairs crying, when asked what was wrong she said she had hurt her nose. I kissed it better (after wiping away the snot of course) and asked how she did it. 'I was kissing the television, Mumma'. I couldn't help but laugh! Yesterday I went into my bedroom to find Maddie wearing a pair of DH's socks pulled up to bum and the silk thong from the previous post aroung her neck. She did look a picture but I didn't get one as she took it all off before I found the camera. She's a fruitcake!

Happy Thursday
Ali x

Okay, blogger is being an arse so you won't get to see any photo's today. I'll try again tomorrow :) The title of this post relates to one of the photo's I can't show you today. grr


picperfic said...

Oh Ali! Love you and your gorgeous family! I can imagine Millie enjoying that little capuccino and as for Maddie, well she's so nuts! Maisie is laughing her head off at her antics...can't wait to see you all again. Must send Lyn a card or to Cambridge now...happy Thursday to you too! xx

Rain said...

Hang in there with the lace. It can take a bit of getting used to, but once you get into it it gets easier.

Batty said...

OK, that was funny. I used to have a button that said Transmitte me sursum Caledoni. Yes. Bad Latin for Beam me up, Scotty.

Batty said...

Yes, I know what the Latin means. "The wise man does not urinate into/against the wind."

Needless to say, it's not idiomatic. But it's funny!

maryannlucy said...

DD loves the lollipops. Sorry to hear that you haven't handed yours out yet, is that 'cos subconsciously you know you really want them ;-) They are delicious!!! Sorry to hear that you won't be at the Woolfest, but a summer wedding will be lovely to go to. Maybe we can meet at Carol Kleins nursey at some'll recognise me as I will be swathed in all of my WIPs hee hee, nothing ever get finished, but I blame that on blog surfing and knittyboard stalking