Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh, ferrets!

Just a short post today, we've had visitors this weekend and I am tired!

It was great to see them again, all three girls played like angels :)

We went to The Milky Way yesterday and had a good time, not sure we will be back in a hurry though. Emilia was chosen by Norman the ferret man to take part in the ferret races which she enjoyed...although she says 'They Stink!' It's not a great picture but does the job.

I finished this a little while ago and it has given me loads of ideas, I'm off to tinker about with some knitting needles and silk in a minute!

It's the Lacy Thong from and it was extremely simple and enjoyable to make. I used pure silk as the pattern suggested.

I have done some baking this weekend, scones and sticky cinnamon buns, no photos I'm afraid!


maryannlucy said...

Love the thong it's great, but not sure about the ferret - but how cool to get called up by Norman. Sounds like you all had a great time. And that sweater does photograph really well.
DD should be back at school today after half term, but the aches from skiing have turned into a trip to the Drs, a temp of 40, and a prescription for amoxcilyn(sp?). Hopefully she'll get back on her feet, and back to school Wednesday. Are you on half term now? Enjoy.

Batty said...

Sexy! Hand wash only, but so is most lingerie.

Ferrets are so cute!

picperfic said...

I cannot believe it!! I made that thong and finished it last Friday!! (it's not for me BTW)

Amazing that we were probably knitting it at the same time! Love the photo of Millie and the stinky ferret man! Glad you had a good weekend, sorry you are pooped!!

Bazza said...

.... it's not for me either I should add!

Great Photos....

Faerynuff said...

LOL Barry, it's not for me either!

I'm going to frame it for our bedroom.

Jessica said...

*shudders* Ferrets... Not a fan here. lol. ;)

I love the undies. Great job. When my boyfriend sees those he's going to run out and buy the silk asap! LOL

Make sure you show us the framed pic!