Friday, February 16, 2007

First Crushes

My little Millie has got a crush on Matt Dawson. She loves to watch A Question of Sport with us on Friday evenings, giggling away although we are sure she hasn't got a clue what it going on. I love it as well, it's a fun, harmless, happy programme. Anyway last week she was sat watching it with me and asked where the 'young fellow' was. 'Young Fellow' I thought, what a funny thing for a five year old to say and asked more. His team was then shown and she said 'There he is, mummy. The young fellow that I like!' Bless her xxx This morning she asked when her friend Zoe would arrive for the weekend and I said she'd be here after A question of Sport. 'Oh good, Mummy, I can see that nice young fellow again. He's so cute and funny.'!!! Aww, she's only five! SHe could have chosen worse though, he is cute, he's sporty, a good dancer, a good cook (he won Celebrity Masterchef) and he is funny.

This is my latest FO. It is Dolly Mixture by Kim Hargreaves and is in Rowan 33. I'm pretty pleased with it and can see myself wearing it a lot this summer. The cups are too big though, si I will frog them and construct them differently with more shaping in them.

I don't look too bad in these photo's do I?

Here's this weeks portion of yarn pron. Beautiful, stunning Regia Cotton sock yarn from my lovely secret pal. The colourway is 4301, in the India range. I love it and will be casting on a pair of socks soon...once I've finished Maddies cardigan.

I seem to be finishing a lot recently, but most of it is stuff that has been on the needles/hook for months. I'm trying to add a modicum of organisation to my life. HAHAHAHAHA!


bensmumma said...

I love that tank! I'm going to have to dig out my Rowans and see if I have that one. You did a lovely job!

Batty said...

Wow, that's so sexy! Great FO. And extra kudos for not finishing it in October or November. All my summer knitting usually gets done just in time for fall.

picperfic said...

You look gorgeous in that top Ali....and that sock yarn is just so beautiful,Ican feel you itching to start knitting with it. As for sweet little Millie and her crush on the 'young fellow', well I could just eat her, so cute and innocent...looking forward to snuggling you all up soon xxx

Knittypants said...

What a flattering tank! Looks great.

Rain said...

That's lovely it looks great on you.

She'll die of embarrassment when she's older and you remind her who her first crush was on.

Jessica said...

Ooh, I love your tank. Congrats and yes you do pull it off! :D

I think I will probably die whenever my 5 year old brother mentions girls. No sign of that yet though. He's too interested in boy things. I think his women are my mom and I! ;)