Thursday, February 01, 2007

Things I lust after...

And I'm not talking Sir Guy of Gisborne either!

My ultimate list of luxuries just for ME!

The new RYC Mother and Baby book
Anything from Posh Yarn
Lush...especially flying fox, butterball, coolaulin, figs and leaves, the hand cream that smells of almonds
Jelly Bellies
IWK spring 07 - not out yet
Handmaiden Seasilk in Vintage, Dragonfly or Renaissance.

Why don't you put 6 ultimate luxury lusts on your blog?

Off to wash up...oh the joy of it all! Maybe Mr Postie will bring me my Rowan book today?


picperfic said...

Guy of Gisburn eh?

its good to hanker after something, keeps you going xxxxx

Batty said...

I still haven't tried any Lush products! Butterball sounds simply scrumptious.

Guy of Gisburn, huh? I never knew that about you! : )