Monday, January 29, 2007

So many pictures!

Look! I got my first SP package! Penelope Pitstop is a tricky one...look, no stamps, no postmark...I am typing this whilst being serenaded by Lily Allen, thanks so much PP, I love it! It's going to be my new driving music :)

I made the scarf this weekend. I used a mistake rib pattern, 1 row knit, 1 row knit 1, purl 1. Cast on 21 stitchs and used 8mm needles. It's great, definitely different. I'll take it to my LYS tomorrow as the ladies want to see it knitted up.

Both girls had fun in the bath yesterday...It was so hard to get them in focus. I'll try again....

Look at my clever girl (with her pretty new haircut xx). She's been learning off and on for a year now, but when she picked it up yesterday she just got on with it. She managed to do 2 rows and then had to go and see what Daddy and Maddie were up to. Look how neat the last 2 rows are... I'm so proud of my Millie. She went up a group in reading on friday too. I took her to the bookshop to choose a new book as reward and she chose the first St Clares book by Enid Blyton...she is so my daughter!

Fancy a yoyo? That is what these biscuits are called. I found the recipe in my Edmonds Cookbook that I brought back from New Zealand. You use custard powder in both the biscuits and the buttercream. I s'pose they are like custard creams really. The biscuits are like shortbread and I'm off to make some more!


Emilee said...

Your girls are so beautiful.

Nice scarf too!

Batty said...

That swatch is looking fabulous! You're right, the top 2 rows are starting to look really even. She'll be cranking out scarves and whatnot before you know it!

I used to love Enid Blyton. She was my favorite author for the longest time, and I have very fond memories of her books. They were responsible for my odd wish to go to boarding school. Midnight parties, cookies, pranks... what's not to like, right?

I really like that scarf. Yay for funky yarn combinations! Way to make a simple scarf look funky, in a good way!

picperfic said...

what an angel! She is a mini Ali! I loved all those St Clare's books, is she really ready to read them? My little Millie! I loved all the Mallory Towers books by End Blyton too, I can remember reading them and feeling worried as I got to the end because I wanted the story to last forever! I got that famous line that goes through my head every time I peel an onion, from one of those books...'you can tell she's a good cook by the way she peels and onion', it gets on my nerves that one!
Those biscuits look a bit delicious too! I love you and all the clever things you make including those delicious little girls xxx