Friday, February 02, 2007

Yarn Pr0n and a pair of gloves

Can you identify this yarn? Have you got any? I need it to finish Juno from Rowan 40. It's a gorgeous squooshy yarn made by FFF I think.

The fingerless gloves are crocheted in Knitpicks Memories, S'mores. I added the frill around the bottom. They wre too big so I threw them in the machine and now they fit like, well, a glove! They remind me of some sort of big cat, maybe an Ocelot?
Yes, I know I haven't cropped and resized my pictures today...I've got knitting to do!


picperfic said...

the gloves look it your own pattern? I have got some wonderful yarn to make a Maid Marian Cardi from....big hug from a happy me!

Batty said...

I love the gloves! They are very unusual-looking. Knitpicks Memories, huh? Have got to try that one.

I'm still in awe of people who can crochet things that fit. Great job.

Zonda said...

Sorry, don't have the top yarn!

Love the gloves! Wow, it looks cool knit up! Nice save there! :)

sgeddes said...

Love those gloves. The color pooling does make them look cat like! Great job.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh, the fingerless gloves really do look like a s'more! Very cool.

mf said...

that yarn looks very similar to Lion Brand Homespun?

Love the smores KP yarn your fingerless mitts cam out great!

Kimi said...

my name is Kimi @ crochetville...message me there, or email me at

the yearn looks like lionbrand homespun, and i believe i have it....i will be happy to send it out to you, as if it is what im thinking, im not using it.