Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A few knits :)

Here's a jumper I made for Emilia when she was 2 but for some reason she never wore it. It has "& DAD" on the back. It is a jaeger pattern and knit in jaeger baby merino. Mum took this photo, you can see more of her work here www.barrianne-photos.co.uk

A close up of the crochet flower that hides the magnetic closure.

Meet Harriet. A bag of my own design made in sari silk from Nepal - given to me by Harriet and Tristan as a reminder of their travels in Nepal - and Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon. It is a very sturdy bag, knit in 5 pieces and sewn together. Lined in the same fabric as my previous bag, but this time I used my sewing machin so it looks neater and is stronger!

Maddie in her Double Scoop (www.knitty.com) jumper. Made in Patons washed haze aran, this jumper is gorgeous but the rolling up of the hem annoys me so Emilia's jumper is having a garter stitch hem to keep it flat.

Emilia had a unicorn party and I had to make her a cake - It didn't come too bad did it! I baked a large rectangle shaped butter sponge cake, then cut it into 3 strips and made a number 4 shape. I filled in the middle gap with the scraps (and ate the rest, shh!). Once it was covered in icing it didn't look like a number 4 at all. I'm quite pleased with this cake :)

Emilia on the morning of her birthday wearing her unicorn head gear - I'm going to get her dressed up in it again and take a better photo. Madeleine had a hula skirt that I made from the New Knits on the Block too - Thanks Theresa!


Rain said...

It looks like Emilia had a fab birthday. The cake looks fantastic, well done you!

They both look really sweet in their sweaters. Those rolled hems drive me mad too.

Good work on the running, it gets easier in time.

Areli said...

Both sweaters are so cute!! Look really sweet on. And I love the bag!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Your jumpers look lovely on your faery princesses! And what an amazing party - the cake deserves a prize!

First place! :)

mf said...

The cake came out GREAT! I can see the '4' ;o)))) The sweaters are awesome I love the 'I love mum & dad one'... So adorable. Isn't the ocean so beautiful and the sunrises & the sun sets can be amazing!! I live by the ocean as well. I can't really imagine not being by the ocean... I can sit and watch it for hours....

mf said...

Happy b'lated birthday princess! Hoping all your hopes, wishes & dreams come true!