Friday, May 05, 2006

This morning

I'm feeling really good today :)

My morning has been beautiful. The girls got ready for school and nursery like angels, I even had time to straighten my hair!

After the school run I drove to Croyde Bay to get a sweatshirt for E that DH had seen yesterday. I took the opportunity of having no children and a gorgeous weather to walk in the surf. Do you know what, I was so happy walking on this almost deserted beach at 9.30 in the morning that I found myself singing!!! Nuts or what! Luckily the surfers couldn't hear me!

After a delicious walk I drove back into the village to pick up the sweatshirt and had a cappucino and a Danish pastry. The Danish was served warm, bliss! I sat outside in the sunshine and I could feel the years dropping away from me. Seriously, I felt 18 again.

Home now to do some housework as we have guests this weekend, but I don't care about having to do housework because I've had a fantastic morning!

I took this photo using my phone so it isn't brilliant but you can get the feel of my serenity!


Rain said...

It sounds fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful picture! I love peaceful mornings. When you get time to yourself, it makes such a big difference, doesn't it?

rose said...

What a great morning. I wish I could do that now.

Boogs said...

That looks beauty! I can't wait to get back to scenes like that. *L*

The south-west is great!!! (I'm biased though, being born in Devon 'n' all)!!

glittrgirl said...

What a lovely time you had. I love walking on the beach.

zoettee said...

Just been nosing through your website ~ I am sooo jealous ~ wish I was there too! Miss you ~ Take Care ~ Speak Soon xxx