Monday, August 22, 2005

This weekend...

I read this through and it sounds quite stilted, sorry!

Saturday - We had a BBQ to say goodbye to our friends because we move to Devon 2 weeks tomorrow. Jez actually starts his new job this Thursday though, so I shall be a week without him :( We had a fantastic time, people arrived all afternoon and evening which kept the mood fluid and fun. All the children played really well together and a jolly time was had by all!

Sunday AM - M and F-I-L took Maddie to stay with them on Saturday night because Jez and I were doing a boot sale in the morning. It went well, made a little bit of money and got rid of some stuff. The rest is heading for the charity shop. The local charity shop was flooded 3 weeks ago when we had an afternoon of torrential rain. Every time a car drove past the shop it forced more water in under the door. They have had to bin all their stock and because it is all donated it was not covered by the insurance. Luckily the carpet was :)

Sunday PM - I took Emilia to see Madagascar at the pictures, we met up with Issy and Michelle. Issy is the same age as Emilia. I met Michelle at Antenatal classes and we have been friends since. Madagascar was great fun, we were giggling the whole way through. Heidi is on at the moment as well, I fancy going to see it but I think Emilia is a bit young...

I made this last night, neatly modelled by Mermaid B

And this is the back

I made it to keep my super cute new PINK mobile phone safe in my bag. I throw so much in my bag and I didn't want to scratch it. Isn't it a darling little phone!?

Right then, I'm off to take some solpadeine for the hole in my hurts :( and work on Emilia's intarsia jumper that I have been making for a year, good job I started it in a bigger size!

Oh, I've got my SP match and I am chuffed as nuts, I've not been claimed yet but I'm not getting impatient...not yet lol!

Take care Nutter Knitters and all who read my blog

Ali xxx


amylovie said...

I LOVE your pink phone! The cover takes it from being "wonderful" to "fantastic".


I don't normally get excited about phones but that one is rocking! I haven't been claimed by my SP yet either but the girl I have been matched with looks an absolute cutie and I can see why we were matched because some of our answers must be identical. I'm going shopping this week for some of her goodies!

peri said...

Ooooo you've got the same phone as me (but mine's minus the camera) - it's so dinky!

No flooding here - but then living on the top of a ruddy great hill does sometimes have some benefits lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh HO! Faerynuff! You HAVE been claimed now! You are very claimed!

(Plants a large pink flag in the middle of Ali's blog and triumphantly unfurls it, and straightens the wires as per the first moon landing so as to keep it flying straight at all times.)


Faerynuff said...

OOH, How exciting! I love my pink flag, its flying high and bright.

Ali x