Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today I...

...did some work on my list...I went to Voodoo Body Piercing in Barnstaple and had my nose pierced. I love it although I keep going cross eyed because I am always catching sight of something on my nose lol! The wonderful Dawn and Lee came with me, I think they were hoping to hear me scream but I was good and just winced a bit...although he did give me a tissue to 'wipe my tears away'!

Still thinking about a tattoo - possibly something like the fairy above. On my hip I think.

I was in fits of laughter when Dawn took this photo, I kept making her take different ones because I wasn't happy. A girl has got to look her best you know!

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Woollycraft Workshops said...

Congratulations. I always wanted my nose pierced but never got round to it. Good luck with the tat (I've heard that REALLY hurts!!) lol