Monday, January 17, 2011

Starting as I mean to go on

Did some spinning last night, my first for ages. Really enjoyed the soothing rhythmic action of it, very therapeutic! The fibre is mum's Luscious superwash merino and it spins like a dream. Will try to find time to finish it up this week. It's going to be aran weight singles to make another Coquille from

Still feeling very raw although I have some great friends helping me through. It's extremely hard for everyone but DH is obviously finding it the worst. I'm here for when he needs me which I hope will be soon.

Did you read yesterdays list? I forgot to add 'Taking more risks' to it. I made the appointment for my nose piercing, tomorrow at 10am...please send me a virtual handsqueeze at that time as you know I'm no good with pain lol! I've also started spening more time with friends as I invited myself and Sullivan round to hers after group today, nice coffee Lee :)

Going to book my tattoo tomorrow, hopefully for sometime around my birthday so I can save up for it. Definitely a fairy theme, not sure where though...

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Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten about that fibre...looks lovely. I have trouble spinning fatter now I have learnt to spin finer, there's no pleasing us is there lol