Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is the gorgeous jacket from Knitting Without Tears and The Opinionated Knitter, both by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I haven't enjoyed making something so much for ages. The chatty nature of her pattern directions make you feel that you a knitting alongside your best friend with a good cup of tea and warm chatter to keep you smiling.

The yarn is Katia Mexico which I was sent in a swap sometime last year and the icord edging is King Cole Merino. I did spin some green yarn for the edging but I learnt a lesson doing this. Don't bring your wheel downstairs to watch television whilst spinning, don't spin in a hurry and always let your singles settle overnight on the bobbin before plying. I made rope rather than yarn...
Maddie got a bit fed up with posing so the photo's aren't that great.
Mum, Barry and Maisie are down this weekend. Today Mum, Barry and Millie have gone to Fibrefest, Jez is competing in the Clovelly Gig Boat Regatta and I'm at home with Sullivan, Maddie and Maisie.
Maddie and Maisie are currently making felt beads and cardboard sandals from a lovely book called Green Crafts for Children that Mum brought down for the girls. I'll show the results later as they are enjoying being in a crafty, happy mess at the moment.
Tomorrow Mum, Sullivan and I are going to Fibrefest, I am so excited. I'm looking forward to meeting my friend Sarah whom I used to knit with a couple of years ago in Boston Tea Party and I can't wait to squidge lots of yummy fibre.
I'll blog again tomorrow to show you all my purchases!


Batty said...

Great jacket! Then again, how could something not look good on such a lovely young lady?

Fiberfest... ooooh!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, that Tompten is adorable! Hope you've had a great weekend!

picperfic said...

Maddie looks so pretty in that beautiful TomTen. The colours are amazing! What a weekend! Never enough hours are there? xxxx

Linda said...

The jacket is fab!