Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Join me on a stash only 2009?

We had some great snow last week. It was very exciting as North Devon doesn't often get hit by snow. It confused the schools however, they didn't decide whether or not to shut until about 9:30 in the morning! Emilia spent 2 hours playing in the back garden building Mr Snow.
Maddie made a baby snowman.

This is what we walked to school in! It was great fun and the girls thought it was a great adventure.

Jez wanted to play in the snow before he went to work so he rigged up his Halogen decorators lamp in the back garden and we all went out at 6:30am! Sullivan wasn't too sure, those boots are at least 3 sizes too big so he wasn't really able to walk. He is walking so well now, he barely crawls. I suppose I ought to get him measured for some proper shoes but I love the fat baby boots Mum made him for Christmas and he doesn't really walk outside...yet!
I've been doing a lot of knitting, see me on ravelry (faerynuff). I've made a hat from Mum's Handspun for me - Verity by Ysolda, a neck warmer for Maddie, a hat for Jez - Half pipe from Son of Stitch and Bitch, I just need to stitch in the brim. oh, and I've made two tank tops for Sullivan. Still struggling with Emilia's Linnet - I don't enjoy Kidsilk Haze. I'll do a slideshow of my knits for my next post as this one is getting long and rambly!

Is the credit crunch getting you down too? I'm permanently feeling sick about money, it's a horrid feeling. I'm on a self imposed yarn diet now, I'm having a lot of fun using only yarn from my stash.

We've had to pay £285 (about US$415) for the girls dancing this term. It's more than usual as Emilia has been put in for her primary tap exam and they are also in a show at the end of October so costumes have to be paid for. Emilia is doing so well, she passed her primary ballet exam with a merit in November :o) Maddie has started Tap this term, so between them the girls take 5 dancing classes. Phew.

I'm going to put a load of my yarn on ebay tonight - I've got so much and I know that I will never use it all - especially the lace weight! I'm also going to ebay some of Sullivan's clothes that he has outgrown as well as some of mine...I think worrying about money is making me eat. That and my new freecycled bread machine!
Happy Wednesday xxx

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picperfic said...

lovely photos...I'm not buying any more yarn but my fibre stash is now filling a sack! EEk!!