Thursday, January 15, 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We travelled up to Cambridgeshire to spend the holidays with Mum and Barry. On the way up and the way home we stayed at our friends in Bicester which was great, their children are of a similar age to ours and get on very well. It also helped to break up the 5-6 hour journey from Mum’s to ours .

Can anyone tell me why this paragraph is underlined and in blue? I did all the text on word and copied it over.
It was lovely to see my beautiful sister Maisie, she is such a darling and so good with the girls. Sullivan was very happy to snuggle down to sleep with her. She’s magic with babies .

Mum and Barry more than looked after us, their new home is beautiful. Mum is desperate to redecorate but is waiting until they have bought it in the hope that will keep the price down a bit! One room she mustn’t decorate however is the downstairs loo. It is resplendent in black floral wall paper and earthenware floor tiles. I think it may have a turquoise ceiling too…

We were all very spoilt at Christmas as you can see from this picture! They weren’t all for us though!

I did some spinning at Mum’s. It’s wonderful, frustrating and amazing all at the same time! I can’t wait to do more.

I have been knitting. I’ve finished Solace in Rowan Colourscape chunky, a hat for Jez in King Cole something or other and just about finished a fairisle hat and jacket set in Dream in Color Classy for Sullivan. Just need to do some swiss darning and sew on the buttons. Photos to follow.

I’ve just started a Rowan Denim tank top for Sullivan. It’s Target from Louisa Harding’s Book ‘Miss Bea’s Seaside’. I love denim yarn, it’s the way it changes from hard string to soft, worn cotton fabric after being washed. I have a jumper that Mum made for me about 16 years ago and is just gets better and better. I must take a photo of it – perhaps someone would know which pattern book it came from?

Sullivan is walking! He’s been taking a few steps since Christmas and is now spending half the time crawling and the other half walking. He’s getting very steady on his feet now but I’m not getting him any proper shoes yet, he doesn’t walk outside and he’d probably only take them off any way!

Emilia got herself into a bit of a state about going back to school after Christmas. She was so worried that she ended up being sick. I rang the school and told them she wouldn’t be there as she was petrified about school, that she isn’t the same little girl that left the infants school and that she isn’t even enjoying reading any more. The deputy head rang me that evening and said that she had spoken to all of Emilia’s teachers who say she is happy in class and were very concerned that she was unhappy. In fact her class teacher was ‘distraught’ that she was unhappy. Since that phone call Emilia seems a lot happier at school, coming out with a smile on her face instead of a scowl and we seem to have a lots less arguments over homework too! Her teacher seems to be showing her caring side too which I know Emilia needs. She needs her cuddles! I like her teacher now, she seems to have found her feet and the whole class is happier.

Maddie is doing well, she loves school and has made lots of friends. She is very tired by Thursday afternoon though and could do with a three day weekend. Couldn’t we all!

I’m off to do a little bit of knitting whilst Sullivan sleeps. Happy New Year everyone!


Lin said...

Happy new year! You have your hands full with the little walker! I am glad the school were helpful, its so important to have good communication with them. We once had a similar thing and I got in a state about it, as soon as I spoke to the teacher all was solved!

picperfic said...

Well that video just had me in stitches, it is hilarious and so lovely! Thank you for posting it! I am so glad I saw Sullivan take his first tentative steps when he was here at Christmas. So precious. Look at Maddie with her gorgeous little bunches, she is gorgeous. As for Millie, I am so sad that she has inherited the worry tummy, I understand her feeling completely. Going to middle school is hard for both the children and the parents. So glad you had the strength to deal with it and got a positive outcome. Now I just have to go and watch the video again.


Thimbleanna said...

That video is so cute! Boy, are you going to be busy when he's walking all over! Love the pic of everyone at the Christmas table!

KSee said...

Came over from Mum's site. that video was a good pick me up. Thanks for sharing.