Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Questions and Answers

Picperfic asked - do you have time to read again now that Sullivan is sleeping through the night so beautifully?

Yes, I read while he's having his last feed at about 6pm, I'm reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult at the moment.

Thimbleanna asked - what's it like to have such a fabulous mum??? ;-)

It's amazing, she's my mum, my best friend, my inspiration. I wouldn't be me without her.

Queen of the Froggers asked - How much knitting time do you manage now with baby around!?

Sullivan sleeps a lot day and night so I always try to fit in at least an hour of knitting time in the day and then again in the evening once all the children are in bed.

Sade asked - Bunny?

As a yarn yes! As a food, no and as a pet...I prefer Guinea Pigs.

Batty asked - How in the world do you get your kids to get along like this?

Oh they fight like any other siblings, luckily it's not hitting and biting fighting, more bickering and tale telling at the moment. But they do love each other and are always having cuddles and playing together. We don't tolerate the fighting and praise the playing - maybe that works?

Kozmic asked - how on earth do you find enough time to knit in your busy life?

I have to knit, it keeps me sane. I was knitting at my mother in laws on Easter Sunday and my sister in law asked if it was relaxing, I said yes and she replied that it looked like I was going into a trance! I use knitting as a means to switch my racing mind off.

Thanks for all your questions, I've enjoyed answering them all. I'll get Emilia to draw the prize winner after school today.

Knittyboard Spring Forward swap questionnaire :0)

Tell us a little about yourself. Are you a Bright Young Thing? An Aging Hipster with Kids? Discovering that 40 is the new 25? Or 60 is the new 40? Do you share real estate with a partner, kids, llamas, geckos, handsome pups, or an embarrassing number of cats?

At almost 33 I'd say I was a bright young thing with kids who is a little bit hippy. live in a 3 bed terrace house with DH, the 3 children, 2 guinea pigs and 1 goldfish

What is spring like where you live? The first tentative slackening of winter's iron fist, the last brief bearable time before the sauna of summer, or do you live in the Midwest, where it's both? Do you celebrate April Fool's Day (or Jour du Poisson) or any of the other spring holidays?

Spring here is beautiful, crisp cool days, daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses and tulips brightening the garden and the promise of summer to come. We celebrate Easter and usually forget about April Fool's Day.

The beginning of gardening season, the return of open-toed shoes, the last precious days before the kids are home all summer long - tell us what is important to you about spring.

Being able to wear my flip flops again, not having to worry about wearing a heavy winter coat, seeing the sun past 6pm

If this is the start of gardening season, tell us about your garden - a half-acre of veg, two perfect geraniums, plants for dyeing? How does your garden grow?

My garden is not up to scratch, it needs a lot of work. Our front garden is full of spring flowers in tubs and pots which will later be filled with herbs and summer bulbs.

Marshmallow Peeps: Greatest seasonal treat evah? Not quite perfect until they've been out of the package a couple of days to harden up? Nasty, gritty, sticky things only fit for Peep Jousting?

I quite like them, we don't get them over here. I'm a Jelly Belly girl through choice though.

We assume that you knit. Are you an intrepid beginner, a longtime knitter, a knitting maestra with mad skills? (okay, nobody ever admits that they have mad skills, but we bet you do) Do you knit lace? Dishcloths? Socks? Do you secretly (well, not so secretly anymore) wish someone would nudge you to learn entrelac? Magic Loop?

I'll try anything, I can do magic loop - my mum taught me. I like lace but lose my place if I put it down for a second! I've been knitting for years.

Of everything you've made, what's your favorite FO? The one you actually use most? The one you can't believe you ever thought was a good idea?

I've loved all the things I've made for Sullivan, Emilia and Madeleine, the one I use most for me is a pair of lace fingerless gloves that I designed myself. The thing I hate the most is a pure silk clapotis. It just sheds everywhere I plan to make another one in a different yarn.

What's your number one fantasy gift yarn? Fleece artist sea wool, dream in colour anything!

Your more realistic favorites? Bamboo, soft merino, soy silk, No allergies but mohair makes me itch.

What about colors? Your go-to, always-makes-you smile best? Any that you just can't bear? Any colours to be honest, since having a boy I've realised that I have a distinct lack of boy colours in my stash. I like jewel tones and am having green phase at the moment. Yellow isn't a favourite.

Don't be shy - what would you like to find when you open your package? Books you've been meaning to get? Are there any particular needles or knitting gadgets you wish you had? Anybody out there who doesn't already have a cute sheepy tape measure? Have fun, and remember - the more you tell us, the more we'll know. Erm, I don't feel comfortable asking for things. This is my amazon wishlist so you can get idea of the books I'd like
I love Interweave and Vogue knitting. I don't have the spring issues of either.
I don't have a sheepy tape measure. I don't need any stitch markers. I'd love some knit picks harmony needle tips.

Sorry for the lack of pictures :) Had a lovely easter weekend and I'll update you on that in my next post. I've finished the cabled booties for Sullivan and I have just started a jumper for him from Rowan Junior called Jake.

Enjoy eating your Easter chocolate! Ali xxx


Thimbleanna said...

That was fun! I enjoyed getting to know you better -- bring on those cabled booties LOL! I liked My Sister's Keeper a lot when our book group read it. And I loved the answer you gave to my question -- it's always so wonderful to see such a great mother-daugher connection. I'm lucky like you and have a great Mom!

picperfic said...

You are such a lovely daughter! x