Friday, January 11, 2008

Sullivan's boots and hat

Mum and Barry spoilt us this Christmas, I received amongst other things the full set of knitpicks options and small size circs and EZ's Opinionated Knitter. These little boots are from this book and I used the wool cotton Mum sent to lengthen the sleeves of his BSJ she made him. (I lengthened the sleeves first!). The next pair I'll make on larger needles to make them a little bit bigger.
Mum sent me the link for this cute little dino hat on monday night - I finished it last night after 3 false starts. The pattern asks for the hat to be made top down on 6.5mm needles. I made it bottom up using 4.5mm needles and cascase 220. I cast on 72 sts, worked in moss stitch for 1 " then stocking stitch until it measured 4.5" and then I worked the decreases. The dino spikes are made in the same way as the pattern. It's so cute :)
Here's Emilia and Sullivan last Sunday. He was being fussy and wouldn't sleep in his pram or crib. Emilia was feeling poorly so had gone to bed. Jez gave Sullivan to her and she kept him asleep for 2 hours. Poor girl was desperate for the loo after all that time! We managed to pack away all the Christmas decorations in that time, thank goodness as I was sick of the sight of them!
I'm fighting post natal depression at the moment, I'm being really well looked after by the health service here, Jez and Mum. I've had a good week this week but if I have a rant, rave and moan on here occasionally please indulge me, it won't last long :)


picperfic said...

aww that is so'd never have the tension on those large needles, think it must be a typo or something. Love those boots, does the BSJ still fit him? Hope Millie is better now, she is a very lovely big sister and understands the need for peace and quiet so you can rest! Love you xxx

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Hat is so cute, but not as cute as baby Sullivan (love love the last name and one of my top choices for a someday baby of mine....)! Love the picture of sis and baby!

Think positive! Your holiday decorations are away...mine still aren't (and I don't have three adorable kids as distractions!).

Batty said...

He's so cute! So are the booties and the hat, but he's just so adorable, and he looks so cute snuggled up to his sister. What a little charmer!