Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christopher's Angels

A dear Knittyboard friend has been through a very traumatic time recently, I won't go in to the details here but you can visit her blog

To help her recovery, and perhaps gain some meaning from the death of her son Cbear and MaryAnnLucy from the Knittyboard have set up a collection of donations for the hospital Christopher was born at. See here for more details. If you are able to make something for the SCBU it will be more than gratefully received.

I've read this post a hundred times and can't make my words sound eloquent. I know what I want to say, but simply can't get it out.

I'm not too great today. Sullivan slept well last night, from 8:30pm to 5am, and I managed to sleep too. I'm still catching up though, usually he wakes between 2 and 3am for a feed and then I am unable to go back to sleep so I'm needing lots of catch up rest! DH wants me to take Sullivan in to work today to show him off, I'm dreading it but need to get it over with before he's a toddler! He's 8 weeks old now.

Just made some rock cakes with Maddie, Yum!


maryannlucy said...

Wow - what a good boy, it took DD 18 months to get that much sleep....sorry to hear that you are not feeling too good though. I hope going into DHs work is ok. The rock cakes sound great - a lot more than I have managed to achieve today - now only if I lived a little nearer, I would get the kettle on ;)
Look after yourself Honey (((hugs)))

picperfic said...

you are doing so well..what a lovely Mummy you are. xx

Batty said...

Get all the sleep you can. If you can't show him off until he's half a year old, who cares? Mommy and baby come first, though I absolutely understand the urge to show off your cutie, he's adorable.