Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sunshine, Sewing and Sknitting....I wanted another S word!

I've been busy again the past week or so, we've been doing lots of playing and I've been doing lots of crafting and baking :) I hope this intense hunger passes soon or I'll end up the size of a house before baby arrives!

Also have been in quite a lot of pain with my pelvis, walking is getting increasingly painful but nothing I can't cope with. I've got a physio appointment next week and the Health Visitor is meant to be contacting me about joining a prenatal depression this space!

I'm 26 weeks now and we still haven't bought anything, I'm being ever so relaxed about this baby, it's quite refreshing!


Maddie's nursery told us last thursday that they were having a Circus day today, and all the children were to dress up. Everything was put on hold whilst I made her this dress. From Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits, the bodice is knit in Knitpicks Shine sport and the skirt made from net. In total this dress cost £3.20! Bargain!
I finally got round to making a little bag yesterday, I'm really pleased with it and will be making more tomorrow. Do you want to do a swap for one? Let me know :)

************************************************************************************ My latest way of getting the girls to stop arguing is to throw out the front with an assortment of paints, pens, glue and sparkly bits to make as much mess as they like...they are creating some wonderful things!Yesterday we went to Arlington court for a Victorian Garden Party. It was fun playing on the coconut shy, throwing horseshoes around a pole, splatting a rat and table skittles. The girls enjoyed rolling down a hill the most though!

It was a beautiful day yesterday...look at this lonely cloud! Unfortunately it is not so sunny and warm today but it is still dry :)

Jackie - the slate fire surround didn't sell this time, but the cast iron fireplace did. The auction will hold on to the surround until it does sell.

That's all for now folks! I need to make lunch and get Maddie to nursery.

Ali xxx


Thea said...

hi - been a while since I've checked in here, glad to hear all is well and congrats are in order - hope the remaining weeks go well. As always, the pics of the girls are darling and the fairy dress is too. I hear you on the arguing and distracting - we add chalk and the sidewalk to our mix - with water and paintbrushes, it soothes them on a hot day!

Amanda said...

You sure have beautiful girls! I love the picture in your last post with the blue in their hair-it takes me back to when my daughter was that age!

Thanks you so much for your kind words regarding my pattern in Magknits.

Batty said...

Your girls are so beautiful! They look like little fairy princesses.

picperfic said...

they are little princesses! I love the rolypoly photos! Love E and her dance too! Wish I was nearer...xxxx