Monday, August 13, 2007

Knitting blahs

Ever had the knitting blahs? I've got too much on the needles at the moment and don't want to finish any of it. Some of it I must finish, but some of it can wait. Time to prioritise I think, and put the fun back into knitting. I just want to be sewing at the moment!
I took E to Arlington court again on friday, they had a free dance workshop happening and she enjoyed every minute of it. She puts everything she has into dance and it is so wonderful to watch.
Here I am, looking dour and yuk! I've got a headache and my pelvis is playing me up no end today. I'm 27 weeks tomorrow, not looking too fat yet...The pinwheel blanket - I've been working on it for months now, it is my car knitting and I really enjoy it. I'm using odds and ends of acrylic/wool mix for it and it is growing nicely. I plan on using a garter stitch picot cast off.This is what I have been sewing! I have also made 2 more Miffy bags but I let the girls have them as washbags. There are also 6 more that I have made in the same curtain fabric as E's blind...hopefully to help her keep all the little things that 6 year olds collect together!I'm selling on etsy again, my username is Faerynuff - funny that!

edited to add - I will be selling on etsy again soon, once I can upload photos again.


Queen of the froggers said...

You look great, not dour! I love the bags you have made.

picperfic said...

those littlebags are so cute! Good luck with ETsy! I forgot to say in the last post how lovely M loks sat there working hard in her left handed way..she looks so relaxed too! she's very bendy! You might feel a bit bad inside but you really look very pretty my Ali xx