Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sick of all this rain.

Emilia and Madeleine went to a birthday party this weekend and had their faces painted, some sort of oriental princess I think. Don't they look serious?
This is my big girl last friday on non uniform day. She looked so grown up and beautiful xxx

This is the little set I made for my friend Marion who had her 4th child 2 weeks ago. Eleanor Karen is a little darling, I'll be getting some photos of her soon! The Kimono is from Erica Knights Little Cherubs Book, the bib from One Skein, the shoes based on a pattern in an RYC book and the purse is from a Jaeger book and is for Holly who is now a big sister!

It's been raining for about 2 weeks now. I'm fed up with it, some gentle sunshine would be good :)

Baby knits

The image above is a web album, click on it for more photos. I had so many photos to share with you that I thought I'd tru something different. I wanted to do a slideshow but couldn't work that one out... Mum? These are all my recent baby knits, a couple of hats from Itty Bitty Hats, some of my own design, and some of my socks. The cream and lilac hat and socks are made from Sirdar Baby Bamboo, my new favourite baby yarn. The pink socks are made from RYC Cashsoft Baby. The stripy hat and scarf are a mix of allsorts of odds and ends :)

I've got my 20 week scan this afternoon, I'll post the pic tomorrow. Must go now as Maddie is raiding the kitchen...again!


picperfic said...

hello stranger! I love their serious faces, they both have such beautiful eyes! Love the things you made for Eleanor (love the name BTW)and I'm sure her big sister will love her teddy bag. You have been so busy with all that knitting. If you go to the left hand side of the album you will see an option to 'embed album', you need to click that and select the 400px option and then just copy the code it gives you. You then have to go to the HTML side of the blogging post and paste it in there, then you can return to the rich text editing side of the post and it should appear. Sometimes only a box appears but when you actually post the post (doh) it appears on your blog. I don't envy you having to have a full bladder for the scan (is that my age?) but the results will be worth it! See you soon. love you xxx

picperfic said...

it's actually 'embed slideshow' not 'album' x

ms. pixie riot said...

your baby knits are just adorable! lucky kidlets that are getting them. and your girls are so sweet.