Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baby pics

I've just had my 20 week scan and everything was fine. I'd worked myself up into a panic about it earlier today. Not sure why, maybe it is because I am older? These sonographers are so clever, they can even tell if baby has a hare lip...but they are not allowed to call it that anymore!

Baby looking at me

Elbow resting on knee

Baby is still measuring a week ahead of my dates, I'm still not changing them though, If baby arrives at the beginning of November rather than the middle then that will be brilliant!

Enjoy the pics, I'll take one of myself tomorrow as I have gained a bigger belly since the last one I took!


Batty said...

Awww, baby! It's always amazing to me that we can take a look inside a woman's belly and see a whole different person in there. It's the most incredible thing.

Rain said...

Scans are incredible. Hope everything else is going well.

picperfic said...

perfectly gorgeous x

Jessica said...

AW congrats! That is too cute. If the baby comes at the beginning of November, try to have him on the 6th. That's my birthday and I can tell you people with that bday are brilliant! ;P