Sunday, May 14, 2006

Week 3, Day 1

Todays run was hard! I didn't want to go at all but I did. It was a lovely sunny morning and I ran along the river side before going to the park to do my usual 'hamster in a wheel' running. (The park path is just about a circle and I feel a bit of a wally running round and round in circles!) I was joined by another runner in the park today - 2 hamsters!

The Stats

Run 3 mins, Walk 3 mins x5
Total Steps - 3617
Total distance 1.085 miles

It's slowly getting further...

And now some photos for you. Firstly the Sirdar Bigga jacket I made for Emilia. It is a Rowan Junior pattern and should be in Rowan Big Wool. I was penny pinching and used the sirdar instead. Not a great substitution I used more balls than I would have if I used Rowan and worked out that it cost me the same! The photo was taken by my Mum.

Here's my bikini top. Crocheted in Ram Yarns Sequined viscose, bought on ebay. Edged with Patricia Roberts fine cotton which I bought on the first UKnitty meet in April 2005.

I was trying to sort out Emilia's bedroom yesterday afternoon but time got the better of me and her bed was still covered in toys and stuff at bedtime. We decided she could 'camp' in her bedroom for a special treat! She didn't get to sleep until 10pm though, grr!
And here's a photo of Madeleine in her dressing gown, just because!


Rain said...

Emilia looks so pretty in her cardigan. I really like the colourway of the sirdar bigga.

The bikini is gorgeous. Are you making a bottom half?

Kendra said...

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. The bikini top is great by the way. I love the combination of yarns you chose.

irishmama said...

Hey you're increasing the distance, I think I walk faster than I run!!!! Love your daughter's cardigan, your girls are very pretty.


I think the Sirdar jacket looks a real success, although I appreciate the annoyance of the false economy! Much as I like to moan about Rowan they are sometimes the best bet, the yardage is often better than other brands including Debbie Bliss.

RoxyKnits said...

Yep, I had the 'duh' moment too when I realised that the Big Wool jacket as I longed for would actually cost me less than a sirdar etc equivalent as I only needed 5 balls. A few years ago now but it changed my knitting permanently. Now I'm a total Rowan freak....and an awful yarn snob too ;)

BTW - we used the lounge in KL and you were right - it really did make a huge difference and we arrived totally relaxed and chilled.