Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another session

Todays run was a slog. Last night I set the alarm and then turned it off again because I figured if I overslept I wouldn't be able to go running...Woken up at 5:50am by the alarm, J had set it for me before he went to sleep. I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or cry!

Anyway, another run 3mins, walk 3 minutes x5. I'd give you the stats but my pedometer decided to stop registering half way round.

Had some errands to do in town this morning and wandered past my LYS...oh..my..They are stocking Rowan, hooray, hoorah! Only RYC Holiday (too expensive at £4.95 a pop but pretty), RYC Luxury Cotton, and RYC aran Silk. I was strong. I didn't buy anything....I placed orders at Pavi Yarns and Get Knitted yesterday :)

Have a happy Tuesday,
Ali x


Rain said...

At least you have willpower for running if not yarn shopping!

irishmama said...

I have days like that with my treadmill, some days it just seems so much harder to exercise than others, but keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You run in the morning? Wow, the only thing I can do when I wake up is drag myself in the kitchen to drink the coffee my husband made.

Your Knitty SP6