Thursday, February 09, 2006

Spring may be sprung soon...

We are having a beautiful day today, mild and sunny with a hint of Spring. These are the spring flowers nodding their pretty little heads at me today, in their sun drenched pots by the front door.

First we have Miss A. Blanda, sometimes known as the windflower. Her white sister hasn't met the sun yet although I'm told that she will very soon.

This is the cocky crocus, just look at those tiger stripes he is sporting on his outer petals. What a bold little thing he is!

This is Lady Alpine Primrose, quite shy until she gets her feet in place, then there is absolutely no stopping her. Can you see how she has embarrassed Ms. Fuschia Cyclamen with her rude jokes again, Ms. C can barely hold her head up!

Here is Madeleine's baby Chou Chou in her new hat and cardigan. Whilst sorting out my stash yesterday I came across both these WIP's, both only had a teensy bit of sewing to do and they were finished. Both were knitted for Emilia, so almost 5 years ago. I'm quite cross with myself that I didn't finish them so a real baby could wear them!.

What's that in her lap? Oh my! 2 Skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Get Knitted colourway. I needed some more yarn for E's ballet cardigan and treated myself to some luxury. Ordered on Tuesday night, received this morning, complete with a lollipop, a Get Knitted pen and a free sock pattern. What a great company!

Here's a close of the LL for all you yarn pr0n-aholics!


amylovie said...

We never had a winter in Texas this year. It has only gotten below freezing 2 day so far.

Isn't Lorna's Laces gorgeous? Such a lovely colorway you chose.


Rain said...

Your baby knitting is gorgeous. I especially like the cardigan. I'm sure you'll find a real live wee one to fit into it eventually.