Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Children are funny things. They can be so very naughty! M threw an almighty temper tantrum this evening because i gave her the wrong fork to eat her tea with. Juice thrown on floor, screaming, etc. She then decided to eat (after being given the 'right' fork) but wanted juice too. Not in her spill proof beaker, of no, that would be too easy for Mummy. She wanted the little Santa Mug E was given when she left preschool. I was out of the room for 2 seconds when E said "Mum, she's put all her dinner in her juice." YUK. More tantrums when said mug was removed.


When I asked them to put away the Happy Town road set that has been out in the front room for 2 days (it has been played with and E and I built a really good road - proud of it, I was!) they did it, straight away with no fuss. Then they put their pj's on without any fuss.

Devils without horns to Angels with halo's in 20 mintes. That's children.

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