Thursday, August 18, 2005

A bit of sunshine, 3 one skein wonders and a quiet day.

Hi All,

We're having a quiet day today, we have been busy all week and tomorrow I have to have a tooth pulled (yukky and painful abcess caused by a wisdom tooth barging its way into another tooth. I'm having the old tooth out so the new wisdom tooth can grow through straight and strong)

I've finished 3 OSW, 1 for me, 1 for Emilia and 1 for baby Annabell!

This is mine, done in HipKnits silk. I just about had enough but I only did 4 rows of moss stitch on the sleeves and 4 rows of rib all round.

Emilia's is made from Rowan Soft Lux in Pearl. It is so soft and scrummy, and it sparkles too! It is 28c here today but she won't take it off!

She's pulling a face...

Look, Baby Annabell got one too. Sirdar denim tweed chunky. Ok, so it was meant for Emilia but I made it too small.....

I'm pulling out my oldest WIP next. Its a flowery throw from Debbie Abrahams '25 Blankets to knit' I've been working on it for about 3 years or so!

Have a happy Thursday

Ali x


amylovie said...

They all look great. Your daughter is precious!

Minxxy said...

Not the flowery throw!!!
AARRGGHHH!!!!! It's the bane of my life too! Mines has been a WIP for years.