Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tuesday was a great day!

Firstly, the postie arrived with 2 packages - one from my sp and one from Skitten containing her portion of the knitablog scarf (mental note to self, must post the link and let the girls know I have received it!) You can see a piccie of the wonderful things my SP sent me below. The postie also brought a postcard from our friends who we will see when we get to NZ, they are currently in Sydney having been through Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam. I can't wait to see them and here about all their adventures.

In the evening I went to see Jesus Christ, Super Star with my mum and little sister. It was fantastic, brilliant, stupendous, amazing and extremely moving. I loved every minute of it and wished that I was a stage performer!

Went to my pnd support group on wednesday. I can't believe that I have been going for 10 weeks now and we only have 2 weeks left. It is such a great group of women, we have all become good friends. Who could believe that I really didn't want to go. It was Minxxy who persuaded me :) and my dh as well !!!!

These new tablets that I am on are making me feel very odd. I have to take them before I go to bed because they make me feel sick within minutes of taking them. I keep having almost dizzy spells, I'm sure you understand what I mean! They are going to take 2-3 weeks to kick in and I had to stop prozac for 4 days before hand so I am feeling pretty low at the moment. I guess it shows that I do need medication to help me get better this time. I am determined to get better as we would like to try for baby #3 this coming Christmas.

Anyhow, best go and give my sister in law a ring as her car is broken and she needs me to pick her up tomorrow on the way to mother in law's for lunch. I have no idea how to get to her place so it should be fun!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my blog, I know there are thousands out there so I really appreciate it,

Ali x


Anonymous said...

Hi Faerynuff, Skitten here. Just a quick reminder to take a photo of the knit-a-blog before you start it and to ping the photo on to either me or glittr. Hope you enjoy it (and don't get too stressed about it- I did to begin with!)

Anonymous said...

Hi there - glittrgirl here. Still haven't had a pic of the knitablog - please can you send one as you received it prior to any work being done - or if you didn't manage that then send a close up of the bit that skitten did. We really want to track the development of the project!!! Hope you are having fun with it - you should be just about ready to post on by now are you not??

Anonymous said...

Hi Faery- Skitten here. Just trying to work out why your mails aren't getting to us- what email address are you sending the pictures by?