Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This is Gene (Teddy made from Denim yarn, Jean/Gene...Geddit?) He is for a very kind person across the pond. I enjoyed making him but I don't think that I am too hot in the construction of soft toys! He has been given a cuddle road test by both my daughters :o) Posted by Hello


peri said...

Love the teddy!! Thanks for your comment - we have just today (finally) invested in a digital camera - so as soon as I take off the 'L' plates - I will post a piccie of J's turtle - who is very well loved and cuddled. I've attempted an unkymood - it's not showing up (yet?) - I find all this blogging n stuff a bit technical - it took us ages to sort out an avatar for Knitty and a Weather Pixie for my blog - I am def a techno duffer - I haven't dared to try webrings etc, it all fries my poor little over-taxed brain. Peri x.

Kate said...

wow he is soo cute- is he your pattern or from a book?
congrats and have fun in NZ!
Kate (westozcaat)