Friday, November 19, 2004

Crazy Momma!

I'm going to have to let off steam! My girls are driving me crazy, well It's not them as much as me and this pnd. The support group has been helpful but I seem to feel worse for a couple of days afterwards, maybe I am thinking about how I feel more? Tried to make an appointment with my gp but couldn't get one for 3 three weeks (yep, that is 3 whole weeks, 21 days - Can you believe it?) so I burst into tears and walked out! Just rang them now and they kept me on hold for 5 minutes before cutting me off. ARRGGHH! Sometimes I wished that I still smoked...

Anyway, it's going to be a cold but sunny day today - my favourite Autumn weather so we will go out for a walk this afternoon. Jez and I are going to see Seasonal Sauce at this evening. My parents are having the girls (My parents are another reason why I am feeling so down at the moment but that is another story for a different time) overnight which will be a nice break for us.

Righty-ho, I'm going to get some washing in the machine, make myself a cappucino and sit down with some knitting.

Take care and thanks for reading my wafflings!
Ali x

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