Thursday, November 04, 2004


Can you believe it? Got the girls in the car to go the bank and building society, got to the car park. About to put Maddie in the pushchair, realised that I didn't have my purse. Back in the car, found my purse in the playpen (?!). Back in the car and back to the car park.

This we all managed to get and we got as far as the cash point. Blooming switch card is in my jeans pocket and I am wearing a skirt.

Home we came to forget about the bank until this afternoon and we are now munching chocolate.

I'm shattered now!

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Minxxy said...

I did that a couple of times when the DQ was younger! As a result I now check my purse is in my bag BEFORE i leave the house, BEFORE i get out the car and then i check there is cash in it BEFORE i get into the shop!!
I have been doing this now for 17 l-o-n-g years!!
It will pass hopefully!!