Thursday, October 07, 2004

Not much....

I have a quiet day planned today as I worked last night. Taking the girls to Toddler group this morning to let off some steam and then will probably try to clear this ironing mountain that is forever growing at the moment YUK!

Don't expect that I will get much knitting done today *sigh*. When I was at work last night I found a pair of socks knitted in a short eyelash yarn. They were ever so soft and snuggly that I think I might make some myself...It's about time I learnt how to knit in the this space!

Going to a knitting workshop next Saturday. It is at John Lewis in Southampton and is with Debbie Abrahams and her cushions. I think I am going to take a childs crown along as my inspiration as I want to redecorate the girls room in a Princess theme. This workshop is all about how to graph out and work out intarsia/fancy stitch designs. I am looking forward to it!

Bye for now
Ali x

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