Monday, May 03, 2010

Birdie, birdie, tweet tweet

I love sewing, I love the way you take a two dimensional piece of fabric and a few carefully placed stitches transforms it into a 3D work of art. (Usually.....)

This is a project from Cath Kidston's latest book Sew! It worked up quickly once I had figured that speed was not of the essence for this project. I really must learn to take more time over my projects, I'm sure I'll be less disappointed with the results then. It also made use of my favourite tool - The Mighty Glue Gun!
I hope the recipient likes it!
We've had a busy day at the park today. Devon County Council organised a Cycling Fun Day and although the girls scootered to the park instead of using their bikes we had a great day. Best of all was the smoothie bike - a bike attached to blender which created a yummy smoothie as you pedalled! The sun shone and the children were happy! All I need to be able to get on my bike is for Jez to give me back my front wheel and a seat on the back for Sullivan.


picperfic said...

Another busy day! I love that darling mobile, glad the book is getting some use!

That smoothie bike sounds fun, did you get to sample the smoothies?

What has Jez done with your wheel?

Linda said...

Your birds are lovely, I also like the look of that blind behind. Its lovely fabric.

Batty said...

They are adorable! I can't sew to save my life, but I'm in awe of the process.