Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I finished these little trousers for my friends new baby boy. The pattern is Blu
and a very easy knit. I really didn't get on with the seaming though and opted to sew the up regular fashion using mattress stitch. I wasn't very good at the embroidery either...
We have poorly babies at the moment. Emilia and Madeleine are recovering from a bout of Norovirus but Sullivan has been hit hard. I keep thinking he is better and then he is sick again.

I hope we are all better by Friday because Mum, Barry and Maisie are coming to stay for Easter :)

Make sure you visit Barry's blog - he hasn't posted since last August and writes such lovely things.
Happy Easter!


picperfic said...

Aww, is Sullivan still poorly? Nasty virus..hope you are all fit by tomorrow!

Love those little jeans xxx

Faerynuff said...

Yep, I think we will be! xxx

Batty said...

Cute pants!

Noro... no fun. Sounds so unpleasant, not at all colorful and fun like the yarn. Or rather, not colorful in a good way.