Monday, November 02, 2009


It was half term last week and we spent most of it looking after Madeleine and Sullivan who both ended up very poorly with the H1N1 (swine flu) virus. They were both given the antiviral medication which has done a fantastic job of getting them well again. Poor Emilia spent most of the holiday being sent to friends houses to play...I bet she'd like Madeleine to be poorly again! She was very worried about her and kept asking if she'd have to go to hospital, it took a lot of reassurance to put her mind at rest.

Both girls were in their dance schools production this time round, Emilia had three dances - Ballet, Cowgirls dancing The Deadwood Stage from Calamity Jane, Tap - Penguins from Happy Feet and Modern - Catch a wave by The Beach Boys. Maddie had 2 dances - Ballet - We're off to see the Wizard and Tap - Penguins again. They were wonderful, I'm so proud of our girls having the confidence and stamina to perform on a professional stage in front of a full house. Well Done Girls! xxx

Jez is working hard, very busy with work and the gig club. He's training loads and is just about back to the weight and build he was at university.

Me? I'm okay. Not quite myself at the moment but on the advice of my Dr I have cut back the amount of hours I do at the Children's Centre. It's all voluntary so I can't be signed off and I feel like I am letting a lot of people down but maybe I should start pleasing myself a bit more and doing less to please others? Maybe, but I don't like it!

We went back to Hampshire this weekend. It was my brother Edward's 30th and my father-in-law's 65th. Crazy busy weekend, but fun. It was great to surprise Edd and to see Dad, Maisie, Laurie and Michelle too. Laurie was going to come back with us for a while but changed his mind :( I've made him promise to come down soon. We also got to meet my sister in law's new man, and a lovely man he is too. I think she has found someone who'll look after her.

We went round to see my dear friend Sharon for lunch on saturday. I wish her daughter would stop growing up, it's making me feel old! Such a lovely family, wish we saw more of each other.

The girls were back to school today, Maddie's class are already talking about the Christmas play - I'm so excited!

I'll leave you with a photo of Sullivan and I, taken at Mum and Barry's Wedding 18/04/08.

More photos soon, and hopefully a short video or two! Have a great week - I'm off to bed ready for a busy day tomorrow.


picperfic said...

Love that photo of you and Sullivan xxx I am so happy you are all starting to feel better. That anti viral stuff is magic!

Batty said...

I love that photo, so sweet!

So glad everybody is doing better. And performing in front of a full house... awesome. You have every reason to be proud of your girls.

Linda said...

Such a lovely photo.