Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wow, what a response!

I don't think I have ever had so many comments for a single post before! Random photos have certainly captured your interest :)

Here are the most recent 5 requests.

Mum (Picperfic) chose 274, how did she know it was a photo of her? Who took this picture Mum?

Barry (Razmabaz) chose 173. Emilia and Nanny (my MIL) at Rosemoor Gardens, looking at courgette plants I think.
Tutleymutley chose 303. I'm not sure how this photo was taken, perhaps through glass but it shows next doors porch along with our hanging basket of tomato plants and DH's saw horses.

Thimbleanna chose 275, Mrs Bellamy - Emilia's head teacher - and Mrs Marshall - her classroom assistant - dressed up as The Weather Girls and singing It's Raining Men at the school fair in June.
Peri chose 41. Maddie sat eating sweets before going to bed in the tent with daddy. They camped at Lobb Fields in Saunton in May. It's a lot cheaper there than staying in Croyde. I think it's about time he took them camping again!

This has been fun, I like not having to choose which pics to show you. You can still choose a pic...anything from 1-304.

I'm enjoying the coolness today after yesterdays very hot day, The girls are being better behaved today too.

Lunchtime now, see you all soon x


Sarah said...

Lovely pics! I'd like to see number 231 please!

picperfic said...

haha...sexy me! Think Maddie took that photo!

Thimbleanna said...

Haha! That's hysterical -- Mum picks a pic of herself -- and a great one too! I love my pic -- and would love to hear "It's Raining Men". I do blieve, however, that the last pic is my favorite. How cute is that???

gilraen said...

Fabulous pic of Marianne, spooky that she picked that one! :D

Can I have 243 please :)

Jo said...

304 please Ali!!

Batty said...

These are great!