Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wet wet wet

Here's Elspeth from Rowan, designed by Laura Long. It's a gorgeous knit and fits beautifully. I had a little trouble keeping the pattern correct when shaping the fronts, in fact I frogged the first one 3 times but I was determined to keep going as I loved the finished cardigan.

Here's Bluey Louie - my VW van. He's great! As you can see the weather has been less than great today and Bluey is desperate to go to the beach! There are hundreds of VW T4's in North Devon but I'm yet to see another the same as mine. He is in need of some curtains and seat covers and some TLC on the bodywork, especially as some idle piece of work scratched him on the sliding door last week. GRRR!

I bought the girls their summer clobber today. Wellies and Macs! Blooming rain. It's good for my courgettes though, they are flowering nicely and we should have some good ones in time for sunday lunch. The snails have decimated my runner beans but my tomatoes and sunflowers are growing well this year. I treated myself as well today, I had to throw away all my eye makeup because of the eye infection I had last week so I went to the Clinique counter this morning as spent over an hour having different eye makeup put on. I settled for a lovely colourway called Victorian Pink as well as a few other bits...just a few *wink wink*. It's been a long time since I have used Clinique, silly really as it really suits my skin and lasts for ages so it is good value for money when you cost it all out.

You can see the remains of my kitchen in the garden in the picture of Bluey Louie, hopefully before next weeked I'll have a usable kitchen again, complete with new oven - I've been missing my baking!

I'm making myself some kind of felted hairpiece for the Pilton Green Man Day (Market and Festival). We are all in the parade through town in the morning, Maddie, Jez, Sullivan and me are wearing green man costumes (I need to make something for Sullivan, probably just a hat) and Emilia will be doing her cheerleading with the rest of their group. The cheerleading group also have a time to do their proper routines in the Rotary Gardens during the afternoon. The festival is happening on Saturday 19th June from 10am - late. There are always loads of things happening for children and adults, most things are free including the live music on the 3 stages along Pilton Street. See last years post for pictures of the day.

Hope the weather improves....


picperfic said...

love the way you all have thrown yourselves into the village life...

Your Elspeth is gorgeous, I know, I've seen her in real life!

Batty said...

Elspeth is gorgeous! Can we get a modeled shot?

peri said...

So glad to see you back - you've been missed.